Wind industry

Avtokran-Tyumen LLC provides services for the development and support of a complete set of documentation at all stages of project implementation in the wind industry - from the design of a wind farm and up to preparation for commissioning.

The company is actively developing, and to date more than 280 wind turbines with a total capacity of over 700 MW have been installed in such high-profile windfarm projects as the Erementau, Adygei, Kochubeyevskaya, Karmalinovskaya, Marchenkovskaya, Bondarevskaya, Medvezhenskaya, Berestovskaya.

As part of the project for the construction of a wind power plant, the company Avtokran-Tyumen LLC has formed a fleet of cranes for assembling the components of the wind turbine, installing a nacelle, a generator and a hub with blades.

Since its participation in the field of wind energy, we has not only gained unique experience in the new industry, but has also formed a team of highly qualified specialists, ready to perform work of all levels of complexity.

Wind farm statistics
282 wind turbines installed
More than 1.5 million tons - the total weight of goods transported by our cranes
More than 700 mW - power of wind turbines put into operation with the participation of the company Avtokran-Tyumen
OEM certified installer for mechanical installation
Assembler for electronic assembly
Engineer and technician for commissioning and commissioning
Wind parks
Adyghe wind farm
Kochubeevskaya wind farm
Karmalinovskaya wind farm
Marchenkovskaya wind farm
Marchenkovskaya wind farm

We offer a range of works for the construction of a wind farm

  • Design and survey work
  • Project management
  • Full provision of technical and human resources
  • Own fleet of heavy vehicles and lifting mechanisms
  • Warehouse, transport logistics
  • Preparatory work for the arrangement of construction sites
  • Civil works
  • Zero cycle works (construction of foundations)
  • Installation of wind turbines
  • Electrical work on the assembly of wind turbines
  • Commissioning works
  • Commissioning of wind turbines
  • Warranty and maintenance


General project work

  • Implementation of technical specifications and customer conditions of any complexity
  • Coordination of all sections of the project with government organizations
  • Acceptance and delivery of the construction site

Multidisciplinary project

  • Project management
  • Coordination of various engineering and design companies involved in project development
  • Verification and approval of project documentation packages (technical and detailed design)
  • Assistance in passing the GlavGosExamination of the project and obtaining a building permit
  • Author's supervision
  • Comprehensive pre-supervision of FGPs before construction starts

Projecting WF

  • Design and calculation based on Euro standards
  • Preparation of specifications and analysis of survey reports
  • Basic conceptual foundation design
  • Coordination of detailed design work
  • Recommendations for adaptation of structures based on field tests

Project management and engineering services

  • Organization of procurement and selection of a contractor.
  • Project budgeting.
  • Planning of all stages of the project.
  • Full project support for obtaining a building permit.
  • Drawing up and maintaining a network work schedule.
  • Schedule and budget management, control at all key points of project implementation.
  • Drawing up weekly and monthly progress reports.
  • Ensuring interaction with all authorities involved in the project.
  • Organization of regular project meetings (headquarters).
  • Quality, health management. safety and environment.
  • Control of all stages of construction. installation and commissioning.

Construction management

  • Management and administration of the construction site, site infrastructure and warehouse.
  • Control over the receipt of equipment and shipping documents, loading and unloading operations.
  • Checking the design of a set of executive and technical documentation drawn up by contractors.
  • Preparation of interim reports on the work performed.
  • Security and video surveillance.
  • Organization of construction site infrastructure.
  • Accompanying in obtaining permission to commission the facility.
  • Registration of all necessary professional and special approvals, permits and licenses required for the production of work.
  • Logistics for the delivery of wind turbine parts and warehouse logistics.
  • Reclamation of temporarily used lands.
  • Organization of activities and control in the field of labor protection. industrial and fire safety.
  • Organization of activities for environmental protection and ecological safety.
  • Warranty service.