All work involving excavation of the soil with subsequent dumping is included in the range of services that the company Avtokran-Tyumen performs. The organization works throughout Russia and neighboring countries.

 LLC Avtokran-Tyumen offers:

  • an excerpt of pits, trenches and tunnels;
  • drainage device;
  • strengthening and preparation of the bases for buildings;
  • construction of foundations, walls, ceilings ;.
  • performing backfilling of the soil in the sinuses between the foundations and slopes of the pits.

It doesn’t matter what needs to be built: an oil and gas complex or a shopping center, qualified employees of Avtokran-Tyumen LLC guarantee safety and strict adherence to established standards and SNIPs. Using special equipment allows you to ensure the required quality and performance of work in accordance with the planned schedule.

 How will earthworks be carried out?

 1. Collection of information.

At the initial stage, we collect information about the soil. We analyze it, determine the mineral composition, and also conduct work to identify underground utilities and the proximity of groundwater. The information collected allows you to draw up a clear plan for earthworks.

 2. Preparation of a work plan.

At this stage, we draw up an estimate, determine the timing and schedule.

 3. The implementation of earthworks.

At the third stage, the preparation and signing of an agreement on the implementation of the services provided is carried out. After that, the employees of Avtokran-Tyumen company begin to dig trenches and pits according to a previously agreed plan.

 4. Disposal of excavated soil.

At the final stage, soil is removed to the landfill and the customer is provided with all the required certificates.


Because we have quality, fast and inexpensive!

Many customers are wondering: why do we have loyal prices for earthworks. The answer is simple. We carry out our work efficiently, quickly and inexpensively, because we do not use the services of intermediaries. We don’t need to rent special equipment, as our organization “Autocran-Tyumen” already has its own modern fleet of vehicles: excavators, truck cranes, tractors, trailers and dumping equipment.

It is difficult to argue that the availability of specialized equipment and vehicles allows us to perform a lot of work on projects of any complexity in a short time. But special equipment cannot work without the staff of qualified employees, and this is already in Avtokran-Tyumen LLC. That is why, turning here, the customer can count on the optimal cost with the highest quality, regardless of the volume of the order.

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