Arrangement of internal engineering systems and equipment of buildings and structures

The engineering communications device is a laborious stage in the construction of a building. This process is further complicated not only by the need to provide technical conditions for the owners of existing networks, but also by the importance of coordinating the project with the owners in whose areas it is planned to lay communications. In addition, the quantity and variety of engineering systems and equipment is large, and the installation of each individual type requires special training and experience from a specialist. The employees of Avtokran-Tyumen LLC have all the necessary skills for the high-quality execution of orders of any complexity in this field.

During the operation of both residential and commercial premises, the coordinated work of all service systems is extremely important - heating, air exchange, plumbing and electrics. Specialists of Avtokran-Tyumen company comprehensively approach the solution of all engineering problems that are closely related. We carry out all work in a high-quality and conscientious manner, from the development of a project to the completion of an object for a customer. In case it is necessary to carry out only a certain part of the work, our craftsmen will also quickly and professionally carry out any individual stage of construction.

The company "Avtokran-Tyumen" is responsible for the specialists hired, so our customers are always satisfied with the quality of the work performed.

Competent design, taking into account all the features and nuances of the construction site, as well as the wishes of the customer is the key to people's comfort and the basis for long-term quality service of internal engineering systems and equipment of buildings and structures.

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