Complex works at the construction site "Medvezhenskaya WPP"



The Avtokran-Tyumen company is one of the main partners in the implementation of a range of works at the Medvezhenskaya WPP construction site, including installation and support of start-up and commissioning processes at wind power plants.

Medvezhenskaya wind farm is located on the territory of the Trunovsky Municipal District of the Stavropol Territory. Currently, the Stavropol Territory is a key region for the implementation of projects in the wind energy industry in Russia.

The installed capacity of the wind farm is 60 MW. There are 24 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each on the site. The planned average annual energy production is 171 million kWh.

The height of the wind turbine at the Medvezhenskaya wind farm (including the rotor) is 150 m. The length of the blades is 50 m, and the weight of each is 8.6 tons. The tower itself weighs about 200 tons, the generator - 52 tons. The total weight of the structure is approximately 320 tons.

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