Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo


Do you have to transport large-size cargo?

Save your time and delegate the search for the best solution to professionals. Our specialists will take into account all the aspects - distance and location of the object, the way and time of cargo delivery; they will calculate the required power of the equipment and will support the process of transportation throughout all its stages. Avtokran-Tyumen LLC performs transportation of columns, buffer tanks, reagent tanks, transformers etc.

The Company guarantees that your cargo will be delivered safe and sound to the place of destination within the agreed terms.

How do you obtain a permit for transportation of large-size and heavy-weight cargo?

Where do you send a request for transportation? - You can consult with our specialists on all these issues by calling +7 (3452) 59-32-59, or sending your question at e-mail:

Selection of equipment for cargo transportation

Transportation of large-size and heavy-weight cargo with special vehicles is the task for experienced specialists, and the first step to perform it is to select the equipment adequately. It is necessary to calculate the lifting capacity, type of road surface, define the weight and dimensions of cargo (trawl 60 tons, trawl 80 tons, trawl 100 tons, 120 tons or trawl 250 tons), and to take into account the distance from the cargo to the place of crane installation.

The whole procedure of transportation is detailed in special documentation and typically includes the following: exact sequence of operations in the course of loading, position of a vehicle for loading relative to the autocrane, number of workers and their sites of responsibility, point and direction of cargo flow, volume and type of cargo, chronometry of operations.

Thorough performance of the scheduled operations will result in the efficiency of your business projects, high level of operational safety and economy of resources of your enterprise.

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