Installation of external electrical networks and communication lines

Power supply is one of the most important elements of any room, from residential buildings to production facilities. The installation of external electrical networks and communication lines is a complex and multi-stage process, the quality control of which can be provided only by specialists.

The company "Avtokran-Tyumen" offers its customers a range of services for the conduct and setup of electrical networks. The employees of our organization are professionals in their field and have a high level of competence in this matter. And also each specialist has a certificate of admission to work on the installation of external electrical networks and communication lines.

Installation of power supply systems is carried out subject to all rules regarding air temperature and humidity level indicators. Indoors, special attention is also paid to the air exchange system. The materials used by our company comply with all safety requirements. In addition, our employees are required to conduct additional testing of insulation material.

Wooden, reinforced concrete or metal structures are used as supports for external electrical networks and communication lines.

To conduct electricity networks, it is also necessary to carry out earthwork, in particular, it can be digging pits and trenches, various work with soil, etc. In some cases, it may also be necessary to carry out work to improve the adjacent territory. After all the necessary work is completed, the masters of Avtokran-Tyumen company carry out the final adjustment of the equipment and its launch.

And also our experts are always ready to do all the necessary work related to the maintenance of already installed electrical networks. These works are always carried out in accordance with safety standards and regulations. When using external electrical networks and communication lines, it is equally important to comply with all the rules for their operation. The installation must be entrusted to qualified specialists, since not only the service life of the equipment, but also safety will depend on this. Installation and repair can only be carried out by professionals who have received the necessary permission to carry out work of this type.

The company "Autocran-Tyumen" provides services for all of the above work. Due to the high level of training and rich professional experience, our specialists work promptly and efficiently.

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