Installation of precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures

Installation of prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures during the construction of buildings makes it possible to reduce the cost of the work, as well as their duration.

This is due to the use of prefabricated elements manufactured at the factory, which are already mounted at the construction site.

The company "Avtokran-Tyumen" offers its services in the installation of precast concrete structures. Our experts will carry out all preparatory operations, installation and installation, and also, if necessary, carry out cosmetic and restoration measures for your order.

The company Avtokran-Tyumen LLC cares about its reputation and carefully refers to the safety issues of its employees and customers, therefore, all installation of precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures is carried out in strict accordance with the rules and standards established by the construction legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as technical regulations and various official documents that establish practical requirements for the installation of structures of this type.

Installation of precast concrete and reinforced concrete elements is carried out in several stages, each of which requires responsibility and high professionalism:

  • Before starting the installation of structures, preliminary excavation is required.
  • This is followed by an important stage in the preparation of structures for installation, including the transportation of products to a construction site and input control.
  • The next step is the installation process of structures.
  • The work is completed by processing the finished structure with a bituminous insulating solution, which acts as a geomembrane and protects the structure from moisture, mechanical damage and other damaging environmental influences. This is a necessary and important stage, which extends the service life of the structure and makes it more reliable.
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