Installation of metal structures

Installation of metal structures is a very complex and responsible process, and for its high-quality implementation a high level of professionalism and experience are required.

Only highly qualified specialists can perform these types of work in compliance with all safety standards and rules established by the government. This should not be neglected, since the duration of the operation of the facility and the safety of people depend on the level of competence of workers.

The company Avtokran-Tyumen LLC has been working in this industry for a long time. It has not only a staff of qualified specialists, but also a large fleet of special machinery and equipment to provide customers with high-quality services for the installation and installation of various metal structures, including the selection and delivery of elements, assembly and welding of assemblies.

Our specialists are high-level professionals and use all modern technological devices in their work. This allows for high-quality installation of any level of complexity even in a short time.

For each construction site, a project for the production of works is developed, according to which the installation process is carried out.

Installation of metal structures includes many stages:

  • study of the construction site;
  • carrying out all necessary calculations;
  • metalwork delivery to the facility;
  • preparatory work;
  • work directly on the movement and installation of the structure;
  • fixing elements;
  • final verification of the reliability of the structure.

Installation of metal structures is a complex, time-consuming and rather dangerous process, which requires strict adherence to safety requirements from the specialists who produce it. This complicates the entire installation process even more, therefore, only proven Autokran-Tyumen employees who have all the necessary documents for admission to this type of work are involved in such work.

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