Engineering training

The stage of engineering preparation for construction production, carried out by Avtokran-Tyumen, plays a crucial role in the construction of facilities and includes a large range of activities that precede the beginning of the main work at the construction site.

Engineering training has several components:

  • organizational preparatory measures carried out before the start of work;
  • off-site preparatory work;
  • on-site preparatory work.

Organizational Preparatory Activities

In the same period, issues are resolved on the use of existing transport and engineering communications for construction needs.  

  • Available construction materials and equipment are laid down in the budget, and supplies of everything necessary are organized, according to the budget.
  • Transport and logistics issues are being resolved, including for building up production capacities for construction.
  • Subcontracting organizations specializing in the provision of certain types of work are involved.
  • If necessary, atypical unique construction and installation equipment is manufactured, for example, formwork, traverses, cranes.
  • And also, a management structure is being formed and work is being carried out that contributes to the deployment of construction on time established by the project.

Off-site preparatory work

At this stage, the set of measures includes:

  • Creation of external access roads to the construction site: roads, moorings, railways.
  • Power lines, heat and water supply channels, sewers are being built.
  • At this stage, work is underway on the construction of residential and public buildings to accommodate workers and engineering personnel for the first year of construction.

On-site preparatory work

On-site works include:

  • Creation of a geodetic basis for construction.
  • Engineering preparation of the territory for the construction of temporary structures.
  • Installation and commissioning of mechanized installations.
  • The construction of a general site storage facility and other facilities used for construction needs.

Preliminary engineering work aimed at preparing the construction site plays a huge role in minimizing the construction time, increasing the quality and efficiency of construction and installation works and reducing the final cost of the facility.

That is why engineering training should be trusted only to those companies that already have extensive experience and are responsible for fulfilling their obligations. LLC Avtokran-Tyumen is such an organization, occupies a leading position in this industry and ensures the success of the entire project.

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